Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bitch on Play This Thing!

Greg Costikyan of Manifesto Games posted a review today of Danielle Lewon's micro-game Bitch on his blog Play This Thing! Greg has insightful things to say about the game and comments on how it would fit well into a night of other gaming.

Play This Thing! is a group blog dedicated to reviewing intriguing small-press and independent (mostly free) tabletop and web-playable games. The site allows viewers to suggest and rate games, and create their own blog. Log in to rate Bitch, My Life with Master and other indie games, or suggest your favorite game to be reviewed.

Bitch sold out at GenCon, but contact Danielle to see when more copies of the game may be available.

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  1. Thanks for finding this Emily! I've added a couple of photos into the slideshow.