Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GenCon Report

We did it! The Pirate Jenny booth was a success at GenCon. We sold out of Kagematsu, Tales of the Fisherman's Wife, RPGirl and Sign in Stranger, and did good business for everyone's games. It was a pleasure to set sail underneath her colors.


  1. Hi, Pirate Jenny girls!

    I wish I could have made it out to GenCon to see you there, but my budget said no :) I think having a group dedicated to promoting women in gaming is great! I think few women realize that the same skills they value in other areas can make them great gamers, if they could just get over the whole "It's only something loser boys do in their mom's basement" stereotype. Maybe we need a shopping RPG...

    Is there any chance Pirate Jenny is going to be an on-going project? Someplace for girl gamers/designers/freelancers/whatever to get support and encouragment? The job market has given me the opportunity to think about alternative means of employment, and I've toyed with the idea of submitting a few things, but (as a fellow woman, I'm sure you ladies understand this) I'm neverous about sending things in. There's a million doubts going through my head (Is it really any good? Am I just deluding myselt to think that I can write? Is there any chance this will actually get accepted? Who should I try to submit to? Who's really taking freelance stuff?), and the guys I game with don't get my... uniquely female way of overthinking and doubting myself. It would be great to have a place to go to to air out these thoughts, and have someone who understands what I'm saying listening.

    Thanks again, girls of Pirate Jenny; your very existance is an encouragement :)

  2. Thank you so much! That means so much. I think the booth was a very positive experience for us all, and if we want to do it again next year we've got a fantastic foundation for doing so.

    Also, I hear you about the self-doubt. I struggled with all kinds of questions before and during Gencon, and I think many of the others did too in different ways. This is echoed in some of the articles of RPGirl as well. Some of the biggest barriers we face are the voices inside ourselves that say we can't do it.

    Semket, please do be in touch. We'll be figuring out over the next few months if we have the interest/ability to do it again next year and it would be great to talk with you about it. My email is keirgreeneyes -at- yahoo.