Monday, August 10, 2009

Heading off to GenCon

Tomorrow is a travel day for many of us. We'll arrive in Indianapolis on Wednesday and set up the booth. There have been some changes in the line-up. Julia Ellingboe and Elizabeth Shoemaker both cannot make it, but their new games will be there: Homecoming as a free playtest version, and Tales of the Fisherman's Wife in ashcan form.

Anna Kreider
will also have some kick-ass posters, with kick-ass women on them, along with her fantastic assortment of art and games. The RPGirl Zine will be there, with articles, and profiles of 25 women in the rpg industry.

And two games long in careful development are now joyfully complete: Kagematsu by Danielle Lewon, and Serial Homicide Unit by Kat and Michael S. Miller will be available and demo'd. I will also have Sign in Stranger. Picking them up tomorrow morning, then heading west!

Hope to see you in Indiana!

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